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Crispy Seaweed Chips, Coconut

SKU: 0001
    • 1 Box, pack of 12

    • Rich coconut flavor

    • A satisfying crunch, and a pleasant chew

    • Trans fat and cholesterol-free, low in calories and fat, 100 calories or less per serving and only 1 gram of fat, rich in protein


    ◼ Looking for : Casual snack, Light snack on the diet, Healthy kids snack, Snacks not irritating, A protein supplement snack


    WARNINGS: Due to the nature of the Marine Algae(Laver) ingredient, this product may contain trace amounts of shellfish particles. Be careful when opening this package.

    The cutting edge is sharp and may cause harm.

    Product is processed in a facility that also processes milk, crab, shrimp, mackerel, tomatoes and peanuts.

    Store in a cool, dry area. Avoid direct sunlight, humidity and high temperatures.

  • Roasted coconut[coconut(Philippine), Dextrin, Sugar], Laver(Korea), Oligosaccharide, Purified water, Brown sugar, Rice syrup, Sea Salt, Brown rice oil

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